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Price Drop and Updates

Elektrobay 250
Elektrobay 250

We’ve reduced the price on the Elektrobay 250 from $1,870 to $1,760.

Model Swap

We are swapping out the top model kecontact c-series with a kecontact c-series

Recharging NSW will no longer be stocking the:
KC-P20-ES240030-00R EN EN Type2 Socket 22kW+ETH+PLC+RFID
Instead we will be ordering:
New Model: KC-P20-ES240020-00R EN Type2 Socket 22kW+ETH+RFID

The difference between the 2 Models is the PLC (power-line communication) function. For vehicles which have this feature it allows the vehicle to potentially gain internet access through the charging station if there is a lack of mobile phone reception. Currently only the Smart ED (not available in Australia) has this feature. This enables us to reduce the price to $2,090.00.