Keba Charging Station Kecontact P30 c-series Universal


  • Type 2 Socket – Suits any car with appropriate cable.
  • Max Power: 32Amps – 22kW@415V – 7.4kW@240V
  • Charges up to 9 times faster than an powerpoint (depending on the car’s charging power)
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This Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) or Mode 3 Charging station will charge your vehicle reliably and safely. Faster charging at 9 times that of a normal 10 amp powerpoint. Reducing the charging time over using the portable cable significantly.


The being a type 2 socket or universal charging station allows you to charge any car regardless of connector with the appropriate cable. This gives you future proofing no need to install a new charging station when you change cars and even better if your offering charging to the public and want to include all vehicles.

With adjustable maximum current draw of 10,13,16,20,25 or 32 Amps, and able to be wired in to single or three phase power, these units can adapt to any power restrictions on site without having to under go a potentially expensive electrical upgrade.


Heat rated to 50°C with automatic temperature shutdown to protect itself, your house and the car. There is no other charging station on the market as safe.
2 year Warranty for piece of mind.
Installation should be carried out by a licensed electrician in accordance with the manufactures instructions and local wiring rules.


The c-series comes with a dedicated Ethernet port for retrieving charging data and controlling the charging station, you can startstop charging and increase and decrease the power. as well as getting energy used, and other statistics.

Modbus TCP

Want to integrate a charging stations into your next SCADA and PLC project. C-series P30 now are able to talk Modbus TCP for monitoring and control.


RFID, Stop unauthorised use of your charging station with RFID access control for up to 20 cards. Swipe, plug in and commence charging.

Stainless Steel pedestal an optional accessory.
Cable Holder

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 60 × 39 × 25 cm

None, RFID Card Access control.